July: BEST helps to place employees affected by company closing

By January 8, 2016 Uncategorized

Petaluma based laser precision manufacturer, Raydiance, was a long-time member of the Sonoma County BEST Tech Industry Group. So when they were forced to close their doors, they reached out to BEST for help. They wanted to help the employees connect to other regional businesses for possible job opportunities.

BEST helped the Raydiance HR team connect to over 20 local manufacturers, who were delighted to have such high-quality machinists, technicians, and engineers available for hire. At the request of Raydiance, BEST also worked with the City of Petaluma to host an on-site job fair.

This same tactic was used the previous year when Brooks Automation Polycold closed with a similar number of affected employees. In both situations, several employees were able to land careers at other local companies and Sonoma County was able to retain this skilled talent.