“Big FIG” Meeting discusses future of the Food Industry Group

By September 29, 2015 Uncategorized

The Food Industry Group (FIG) has grown to be one of BEST’s most successful programs to date. The group has several subcommittees that meet regularly – Human Resources, Marketing, Quality Assurance, and Growth. Whereas these subcommittees focus on topics within their respective categories, the FIG holds a quarterly “Big FIG” meeting meant to focus on topics that appeal to a broader audience within the food industry.

As BEST plans to grow the FIG and continue to add member value, BEST is looking to the members for guidance and will be using feedback from a recent survey as well as our latest Big FIG meeting for that purpose. Using this data, BEST will ensure that the FIG continues to meet the needs of its members and grow the food and beverage industry in Sonoma County.