August: BEST hits job goal early for 2015

By January 8, 2016 Uncategorized

By August 2015, BEST helped companies create 533 direct new jobs in Sonoma County and reached 88% of its five-year goal of 2570 jobs, showing confidence to exceed that goal by the end of 2016. BEST counts a job when a business that it has helped adds additional full time employees.

“Throughout the years, we have identified more efficient ways of helping businesses. Our industry groups, for example, have been very successful and we see an incredible amount of engagement from participating companies,” said Jonathan Coe, President of the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce.

A majority of the job growth came from the food manufacturing industry, in contrast to the previous year, where most of the jobs were created in the tech manufacturing industry. BEST’s Food Industry Group (FIG) and Tech Industry Group (TIG) are strong drivers to this success.