Sonoma County BEST pledged to help local companies create over 2500 new jobs by 2016.
We have surpassed that goal early, providing the perfect close to our 5-year plan.
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Sonoma County is the best place for business.

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Discover the lower cost of doing business and the high quality of life.

Thriving Industry

Sonoma County has a wonderfully diverse range of industry, including specialty food manufacturing to high tech and medical device fabrication.

Amazing quality of place

Sonoma County is an amazing region with bountiful offerings for every walk of life. Love the outdoors? Visit one of over 60 regional parks. Wine? We've got you covered. Enjoy the amenities that millions of tourist travel from all over the world to experience, right in your backyard.

Grow your business in Sonoma County

With access to numerous resources and help for businesses, Sonoma County is an incredibly business friendly community. Give us a call if you need help with any issues that may be hindering growth.


Business Environment

Ample resources exist in Sonoma County that were designed to foster entrepreneurial spirit. From seed money to strategy assistance, the resources are here for you to utilize. Relocate today to experience why Sonoma County is right for you.


Part of the North SF Bay Area, Sonoma County is close to major cities, airports and commerce zones. However being just far enough away to preserve the amazing quality of life. 45 minutes to SF makes Sonoma County an ideal locale for business.

Why Sonoma County?

If you haven’t been to Sonoma County, you will soon discover the multitude of reasons why people love living here. From coastlines to vineyards and from forests to mountaintops our County has much to offer. Over 49% of the land is in its natural state.

Diverse Industry

The many industries in Sonoma County provide a solid economic backbone of the economy, from the obvious wine to the lesser known tech and manufacturing companies throughout the County.

Business loves Sonoma County

Sonoma County is full of rich and diverse talent, with large companies like Keysight, JDSU and Medtronic to smaller ones, come for the innovation and stay for the quality of life. From tech to advanced manufacturing, specialty food and more, Sonoma County has many thriving industries.

Quality of Life

Every part of Sonoma County has an integral role in creating what the locals can only describe as a high quality of life. Go ahead and pick one, the climate, the amenities, the career choices…

Relocate for Lower Cost of Doing Business

We’ve said it before, we will say it again, the cost of operating in Sonoma County is much lower than the rest of the Bay Area. Coupled with the lower housing and transportation costs, the financial benefits from relocating are clear.

Upgrade to Sonoma County.

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"I firmly believe, from what I have seen,
that this is the chosen spot of all
this earth as far as Nature is concerned."

− Luther Burbank, Botanist & Horticulturist

"The grapes on a score of rolling hills are red with autumn flame. Across Sonoma Mountain wisps of sea fog are stealing. The afternoon sun smoulders in the drowsy sky. I have everything to make me glad I am alive. I am filled with dreams and mysteries. I am all sun and air and sparkle. I am vitalized, organic."

− Jack London, Author

"You can see it in the eyes of all you meet, you can hear it in their voices...
the evidence surrounds us...Sonoma County is a piece of paradise. To understand that, you would
only have to spend some time and enjoy what we have to offer."

− Peter Lang, Founder of Safari West